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Qvidja Gård

Kuitiantie 337
FI-21630 Parainen

Tilanhoitaja Pekka

Pekka Heikkinen
+358–40–527 0982

Pekka Heikkinen is the steward of the Qvidja farm and the CEO of Qvidja Kraft. Pekka’s background includes a long career as the director of MTT’s and Luke’s field operations. Pekka’s areas of expertise are particularly matters related to biogas as well as the measurement of the operations and the impact of the farm. The actual efficiency and environmental impact of the pilot farm will not be known without accurate measurements.

Owners Saara and Ilkka

Saara Kankaanrinta
+358–50–545 0323

Ilkka Herlin


Qvidja is open to visitors. Contact the steward, Pekka Heikkinen.


Fowling and hunting are available activities at Qvidja. The wetlands located on the manor’s lands provide for an excellent setting for fowling. Hoofed animals, namely roe deer, wild deer and elk, also live on the farm.