Research projects

At their best, manors have always been pioneers for new development in agriculture. The same is true for Qvidja. We are continuing in this role, now more strongly than in years past.

We focus on regenerative agriculture in particular, create space for biodiversity in and above ground, develop emissions-free energy production and effective renewable energy storage methods, sequester carbon in soil, and recycle nutrients. All of these topics are important for improving the state of the Baltic Sea, preventing and mitigating climate change, and safeguarding biodiversity. These themes are central to all of the work carried out at Qvidja.

A globally significant research entity has developed on Qvidja’s land. Research focuses on soil microbiology and processes, nutrient utilisation and reducing the risk of leaching, carbon inputs in the soil, fine airborne particles in fields and their impact on the water cycle, and the relationship between diet and microbes in horses. We want to highlight these important topics. Read more about the research projects we are involved in below.

The research is carried out by independent researchers and research institutes. Through collaboration, we strive for new initiatives at as high a scientific level as possible. We are often involved in creating new areas of research and in combining different areas of science on our land. We are driven by endless curiosity and an interest in investigating how nature works. Only by holistically and extensively understanding the bigger picture can we find methods for agriculture and forestry to work in harmony, rather than in conflict, with nature.

ongoing projects

• Project: Verification of carbon sequestration in grass fields - CARBO-CREDIT (Carbon Action)
Organisations: Finnish Meteorological Institute
Duration: 1.1.2019-31.12.2020
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• Project: STN MULTA: Multi-benefit solutions to climate-smart agriculture (Carbon Action)
Organisations: Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Helsinki, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, and University of Zurich
Duration: 1.6.2019-31.8.2022
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• Project: KASKI - Kasvukuntoa kiertotaloudesta
Organisations: Soilfood Oy
Duration: 1.8.2018-1.7.2021
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•Project:  Gut Microbiome Characteristics in feral and domesticated horses from different geographic locations
Organisations: University of Zhengzhou, Univer­sidad Nacional del Litoral, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Instituto de Productos Lacteos de Asturias, University of Turku
Duration: 2018-2021
• Project: CIRCLES - Unlocking the potential of microbiomes for sustainable food production
Organisations: Soilfood Oy, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Durations: 1.11.2018-30.10.2023
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• Project: TWINWIN - How biodiversity impacts the ability of fields to store carbon (Carbon Action)
Organisations: Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, University of Zurich, BSAG
Duration: 2019-2021
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• Project: MAANPARANNUSAINEET - Effects of soil amendments on soil and root microbes (Carbon Action)
Organisations: University of Helsinki


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completed projects

• Project: Carbon Pilot (Carbon Action)
Organisations: Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Helsinki
Duration: 11.9.2017-31.8.2019
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• Project: Mikrobikunto
Organisations: Soilfood Oy, University of Helsinki
Duration: 1.1.2018-30.6.2019