Research projects

The Soilfood initiated Päästösäästö project researches the dynamics of carbon in the soil and the best methods to impact the increase of carbon and improve the soil’s biological activity.

Qvidja’s 45 test field areas are used for testing combinations of soil improvement fibres, organic fertilisers and biostimulants. Biostimulants are various compounds, elements and micro-organisms, which are added into the soil or given to plants to improve yield and the plant’s characteristics. This is a joint effort between Soilfood, Vapo Clean Waters, Biokasvu and Luke.

The project aims at improving the structure of cultivated land as well as its ability to retain water and nutrients in order to improve yield and reduce the nutrient load of agriculture. This is done by testing and comparing the effects of organic soil improvement substances, synergists added into the soil or vegetation as well as their combinations on the amount of organic carbon in the soil, the ratio of carbon and nitrogen, the release and sequestration of nitrogen and other nutrients from and into soil, the humus content of soil, the microflora of the soil, the utilisation of plant nutrients, the development of vegetation and crop yield.

The soil improvement substances to be tested are soil improvement peat, lignosulfonates, lignin sulphate, biocoal, dead fibre and nutrient-rich fibre. The synergists to be tested are humus water and the Combooster fertiliser model of Biokasvu Oy.

The objective is to obtain information about new tools, which could help to maintain and improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil and support useful biological functions. These are ways to safeguard environmentally-friendly and economically profitable food production while producing new information and operational models for the rehabilitation of cultivated lands. The project aims at developing emissions-free food production, which will result in farming operations that help to preserve the Baltic Sea and curb climate change.

More information about the Päästösäästö emissions reduction project: Eetu Virtanen, +358-40-834-3699,