Qvidja provides space for as many species as possible, both above ground and underground. The estate’s forests are continuously propagated and the fields are cultivated biologically and organically. Operations are constantly developed keeping these principles in mind.

Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin bought Qvidja in 2014. The couple spent a long time looking for a farm where they could experiment how food and energy could be produced in a way that curbs emissions and sequesters carbon while cycling nutrients. Qvidja became a pilot farm for all of this. The purchase came with cultural heritage comprising a Medieval stone castle and dozens of buildings as well as invaluable and interesting history – and probably not by coincidence because both of them are historians by education.

As the co-founders of the BSAG Foundation, Soilfood Oy and Q Power, they both have worked for the climate and the Baltic Sea. At Qvidja, they continue their work, which is guided by maximising biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

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